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Cultivating an energised and engaged workforce

Created by Carla Crocombe in 2015, Safety Rocks was born out of a passion to shake-up the world of health and safety and spark real, meaningful change in the industry. Rather than telling individuals what they can and can’t do, we believe in influencing by informing, nurturing a positive culture and a happier workforce.

Our truly tailored solutions act as a catalyst for positive change

Too many ‘solutions’ in the health and safety sector revolve around rigid and prescriptive plans that are set-in-stone to meet compliance. We believe that lacklustre off-the-shelf training does not adequately prepare workers for real-life problems, and at Safety Rocks this style of ‘tick-box’ style training is firmly off the table! With a young (at heart), dynamic and vivacious team, we rock health and safety and develop truly tailored solutions to accelerate lasting cultural change.

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Each team member has a high level of organisational and cultural understanding of Health and Safety in business.

Safety Rocks provides a professional service whilst delivering training in a friendly, accessible and totally supportive way. Run by a passionate team, each team member is very approachable, has sound experience and knowledge and a high level of organisational and cultural understanding of Health and Safety in business; they deliver a personalised and flexible service which enables them to meet our needs. Smith & Nephew ASD

How we continuously strengthen our longterm partnerships

Our chosen partners operate in a mix of sectors, namely the Transport, Pharmaceuticals & Health Care, Military Engineering, Construction & Property and Manufacturing & Logistics sectors. No matter the size or sector, we take the time to understand the hazards and risks our partners face, sharing their passion for creating safer working practices while inspiring their teams to take individual responsibility for their health, safety, environmental and quality efforts.

Our online virtual classroom: Learner-centric, accessible and agile

Rather than requesting individual team members to give up valuable days away from their roles, we harness the power of microlearning and create solutions using our virtual classroom training model. This fresh, modern and engaging approach allows us to renew your team’s understanding without lengthy seat times, improving knowledge retention, performance and productivity to facilitate lasting behavioural change.

Our Values

  • Fun
    We work hard but enjoy what we do
  • Integrity
    We are authentic as an organisation
  • Timely
    We get things done
  • Mindful
    We are aware of how our actions affect others
  • Excellence
    We always strive to be the very best

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