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We inspire behavioural change to help your people unlock their full potential

Off-the-shelf training is off the table with Safety Rocks. Having nurtured long-term relationships with our chosen partners, we’re people-focused, developing truly tailored solutions to engage with employees on a personal level.

Rather than relying on a tedious 'tick box' approach, we spend time with people who want to embrace change. We’ve been rocking safety since 2015, working closely with leading-edge companies across a multitude of industries, including:

  • Transport
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Health Care
  • Military Engineering
  • Construction and Maintenance
  • Property
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics

Create and sustain a culture of safety


From airports, to ports and distribution centres, we forge strong and productive working relationships with our chosen partners. Off-the-shelf training has a reputation for being wearisome and boring in the transport and logistics sectors. Lacklustre training delivery can also hinder commercial activity. Rather than telling your people what they can and can’t do, we will get under the skin of your organisation to understand the culture, systems and processes in place. We influence by informing, playing a pivotal role in nurturing a positive safety culture and a happier (and ultimately more productive) workforce.

Truly tailored training for the transport sector

Pharmaceuticals & Health Care

Our pharmaceutical and healthcare partners operate in some of the most testing environments, and they face similar challenges in how they maintain high health and safety standards. Rather than subsidising travel costs and asking your staff to take time away from their roles to sit through boring “how to” videos or skim-read a seemingly never-ending list of procedures, Safety Rocks can provide engaging bite-size classes via our virtual classroom training platform – encouraging knowledge sharing and collective learning. With web conferencing tools and screen sharing capabilities, we deliver training that’s truly tailored, and more effective to productivity.

Improve productivity, quality and profitability

Military Engineering

We’re proud to have developed longstanding partnerships with military engineering organisations covering all specialisms, such as combat, tactical, strategic support and communications. As a NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner and multi-award-winning organisation, Safety Rocks takes the time to understand the cultural factors that are affecting performance, connecting with all the individuals in all the roles on a personal level. We deliver training, auditing and assistance that positively influences safety, productivity and performance.

Drive success and excel

Construction and Maintenance

Safety Rocks was born out of a passion to change the way health and safety training is perceived. We ensure construction workers of all roles and experience levels start making a meaningful difference the moment they return to work after the training. For us, it’s not just a case of helping people recognise their responsibilities, we gain a deep understanding on the challenges they face as individuals, shaping a culture of safety, open communication and encouragement – and most importantly, a culture that continually evolves!

Nurture a positive safety culture


With collaborative web conferencing tools and screen sharing capabilities, we’re able to provide personalised, highly-interactive and stimulating health and safety training sessions for landlords, social housing teams, facilities and property management organisations. With a holistic approach to training, we reinforce learning on a regular basis, ensuring your people come away from each engaging session feeling positive, knowing they can make a real difference when it counts. From the outset, we get under the skin of your organisation to understand how we can spark positive, lasting change.

Looking for a fresh approach to health and safety?

Manufacturing & Logistics

With a truly tailored health and safety solution, manufacturing and logistics companies can better protect staff from injuries, reduce risks, build a strong reputation, reduce absences, retain the best employees and ensure their training budgets go further. Safety Rocks delivers sessions in a friendly, personal, accessible and immensely supportive way, using our relationship and deep understanding of your organisation, culture and people to help you promote a safer and more secure workplace that’s destined for commercial success.

Don’t just set goals with confidence, achieve them!

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